Aurion Full Spectrum Capsules 50mg

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Product Description

1 – Lecithin – We use Sunflower derived lecithin, GMO free, as this compound protects cannabinoids from your acidic stomach fluids, and allows for an easier transition through your intestinal wall where it begins it journey in your bloodstream.

2 – Coconut Oil – Organic cold pressed virgin coconut oil is the carrier oil we choose for a few reasons. One reason we use it is that the short, and medium chain triglycerides provide an instant source of energy for your cells to repair, rejuvenate, or replicate themselves via Mitosis, as well as allow for hormone production and cell signaling. another reason we use Coconut oil is that it is generally solid at room temp, which prevents leaking capsules.

3 – Full Plant Full Spectrum Cannabis Oil – Expertly extracted from many strains, we use a solid blend of butane extracted oil with no less than 5 different strains to offer a FULL spectrum concentrate. We will choose and grade the oil for the blends, mix accordingly, and decarboxylate the acidic cannabinoids to their more stable counterparts. This is crucial to the proper uptake and proper medicinal effect that our capsules offer.

While being a fairly simple formula, it is effective, and as close to natural as you can get. While there is some controversy regarding butane extracted oil vs co2 or ethanol, we have lab testing to make sure all butane has been removed from our concentrate prior to being infused into our end products. In our experience, butane concentrates tend to have less waxes and non desirable compounds like chlorophyll or other water soluble components of the plant. This, in turn, allows for a stronger extract for maximum effectiveness.

another positive note to using butane, is that, when utilized correctly, we generally get a very nice balance of terpenes, usually around 10-20% by weight after decarboxylation.

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