E.T.V. 840 Organic

$15.00 per unit

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Product Description

Laboratory Results 99% Overall HighNorth.com/YU4QM

This PURE CERTIFIED ORGANIC Sativa hybrid strain was tested at 20% THC and comes with a 99% Overall Rating From High North Labs!!! It comes from the Organic Farms of Dragonfly Earth medicine. If you don't know who they are, please follow them on Instagram. The DEM Pure Certification is given out to those gardens/farms that are on the path of ecological and social regeneration. It is a strict certification that expects intentionally healthy practices and thought. It highlights growing in only the healthiest Organic conditions start to finish. Any Products on our site that bare the DEM Pure Certification are of the highest medicinal quality and character. We only have a small amount of this amazing strain left until our next harvest so we are only selling it in grams and eighth's 

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